About us

Biorient is a family business located in Hamburg, whose specialty is the sale of exquisite spices. The name of the business, which is a combination of “Bio” and “Orient”, describes the philosophy and passion of our company. In the center, you find the most exquisite spice in the world: saffron.

Highest Quality at Fair Prices.

Saffron is possibly the one spice that is most often faked and blended with cheap substitutes. At Biorient, however, we guarantee that you receive first-class quality. We obtain our saffron exclusively from the region surrounding the City of Maschhad in Iran. Due to the ideal climatic conditions and the huge experience of the farmers the best saffron of the world is being grown there. Of that, we offer only the best of the best to our customers — namely saffron, which does not only fulfill the prerequisites of Class I of the norm ISO 3632-2 but surpasses that norm. Therefore, our slogan “selected quality” is not just a phrase, but a promise of quality. Saffron connoisseurs can confirm that the prices, we ask for the product, are absolutely fair. We are not interested in fast gains, but in long term and dependable business relationships.

Bio-Certification according to the European Ecological Regulations.

Saffron is so much in demand that the need distinctly surpasses the supply almost every year. Therefore, few farmers make the effort to grow the spice according to the criteria of biological agriculture. We are one of the few enterprises who can offer saffron in bio-quality and thereby fulfill the strict requirements of the European Ecological Regulations. The Bio-Certificate of the European Union, which many of our products possess as a seal of approval, is the proof thereof. In order to permanently be able to give our customers the guarantee of this high bio-quality, we not only work closely with the farmers in Iran but also with the renowned laboratory for microbiology and hygiene.

First Class Saffron for Business and Private Customers.

While it is often difficult for private persons to at all obtain saffron in top quality at fair prices, many spice traders cannot deliver this spice to their customers and restaurants in sufficient amounts. Biorient sells bio-saffron in the highest quality to business and private customers as well. That is because we are convinced that everybody should have the chance to enjoy this special spice.

Environmentally Sustaining Production of Spices to the Advantage of Human Beings and the Environment.

For us, environmental sustainability is one of the most important factors in trading with saffron. Therefore, we have gradually improved the production conditions for saffron and other spices, and we continue to do so. We ensure that the cultivation is being performed under working conditions fit for human beings and is compatible with the environment as well. Therefore, you will always be able to enjoy Biorient spices with a good conscience.