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Buying spices has always been a matter of trust. That applies especially for such a valuable and exquisite spice such as saffron, for which between the individual vendors distinct differences in quality exist and sometimes even delivery shortages threaten. Therefore, especially commercial buyers, who have high claims to quality and quantity, need a strong and reliable partner, whom they can trust. At this point Biorient enters the game. We can offer our business partners a lot in regards to high-class saffron and do not spare any effort in order to gain their trust for us. Because their trust is the highest asset for us. There are a lot of good reasons, to decide on saffron from Biorient.

We only sell pure saffron of high quality, which has independently been certified.

The most important for saffron is the absolute purity and high quality. In order to permanently guarantee both to our customers, we have random tests of each single saffron delivery conducted independently and professionally. These analyses are being conducted by the well-known Laboratory for Microbiology and Hygiene. Biorient saffron also carries the vegan label and is also certified as bio saffron with the BIO-Certification of the European Union. Thus, you can trust in the fact that you as a customer of Biorient always receive absolute pure and qualitatively absolute high-class saffron.

We reliably deliver to you just that amount of saffron that you need.

Your desires are our highest priority. For this reason, you receive Biorient saffron in several varieties according to your needs. This starts with conventional Sargol Saffron and continues with the better saffron variety Negin all the way to the gourmet saffron Super Negin, which is especially in demand. We offer our business customers saffron in different package sizes and are also capable to deliver larger amounts in the desired quality. Gladly, we will make you an offer which considers your individual needs.

We concentrate on an environmentally sustainable production as well as on fair treatment of suppliers and customers.

We obtain our saffron directly and without intermediaries from selected Farmers in Iran. They have been cultivating the rare spice there for many years and harvest it elaborately by hand. Hereby, we pay attention to an environmentally sustainable cultivation, a conservative harvest and an appropriate payment in order to meet the needs of human beings and nature alike. According to the philosophy of our company, we strive for a long-term and fair cooperation with our suppliers as well as with our customers, so that in the end, we can all take profit from this unique spice, saffron.

Test our saffron free of costs in a classy package of samples.

We would like to offer our business customers the opportunity to convince themselves of the high quality of our saffron. Therefore, we offer to you an exclusive package with samples. However, this package does not only contain saffron of exquisite quality but also a special golden surprise. A little hint: With this tool the exquisite flavors of our high-class saffron can unfold themselves especially well. Do not miss out on our offer and best still order today the package with saffron samples, that we developed exclusively for our business customers. For you it is not only free of costs, but also completely without any obligations.

Were we able to wake your interest in our exquisite saffron, are you interested in an individual offer or do you have any questions? Then please contact us without obligations and inform us of your desires. We will immediately contact you and hope for a long-term business connection, in which we can inspire you with our passion — namely saffron of the highest quality.

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